Welcome to our online Showroom

We know what it's like to say goodbye to a beloved pet.
No matter how often you do it, it remains difficult.

Our collection of urns gives your pet a worthy resting place.
With our tombstones and memorials your will remember your pet in a way that suits you both.

We are a small workshop in Belgian Limburg that specializes in handmade urns, tombstones, and memorials. Our motto is: "quality" not "mass production".

Each item can be personalized to your wishes.
We can also ensure that the ashes of your dog or cat from the old urn end up in the new.

Take your time to browse around in our collection. Email us your comments.

If you don't find something to your taste today, come back in a few weeks. We regularly add new items to our collection.

If you have problems with ordering, you can also simply write your order in an email and send it to us. You can also place an order by telephone at any time.

Enjoy your visit.
Lauwra Huskens,
3dogs Memories